Are you a WordPress user? Are you a Blogger or a Developer? In any circumstances, are you forced to reset your WordPress site? Why would anyone want to reset their WordPress site? This article is completely about WordPress Reset.

Why a WordPress Reset?

Why would anyone want to reset a WordPress site? These are some common scenarios who someone forced to reset a WordPress site.

You are Changing your Website Niche

One of the major reasons why someone wants to reset their Blog. You are running a personal blog and you plan to change them to a business website or you are running your blog on a marketing advice niche and you want to change it to a share market niche only. Chances are good you have to change your website from one niche to another one. 

Security Breach

WordPress security is just like the security for your house. You should lock doors and close the windows to stay safe. Like that you should take care of your website from prying eyes. If you are really serious about your business. 

In order to take a proactive approach, you first need to know how sites get hacked. Most of the successful hacking attempts are of vulnerability in the hosting platform, vulnerable WordPress themes, security issues of the WordPress plugins and weak login information like simple passwords. 

If you are unable to log in to your website account due to security breach, there is no option, you should reset your blog.

Testing Website

You have to plan a new website and you still not decided about the theme and design, probably you want to reset your site frequently. When you’re starting out in the field of web development, you may want to test themes frequently. The important thing switches between themes, changing plugins, scripts, etc. So you want to reset WordPress frequently.

You are Facing a Legal Action

You are running a website with illegal contents like copyrighted images, music and you are facing legal action, no matter how you are running you should stop the site and a complete reset is recommended. 

You have it. The top four reasons why you would ever want to reset your site. If you’ve found yourself in one of these issues, better to reset your site immediately.