Why Use Sharepoint In Your Business?

SharePoint is a digital online platform for management and sharing information and data to be available within the certain group of people. We are entering digital era where paper is gradually beginning to disappear to make way for digital online solutions.

Several document management and document sharing platforms are available. This is the case of SharePoint, which is an application included in the Microsoft 365 suite. This electronic document management (EDM) application offers multiple ways to organize paperless working within the company or organization.

SharePoint is becoming more advanced with introduction of new features with every update in this application. Here we will discuss about are some of the tips to improve your working methods with SharePoint and thus adopt a perfect organization.

1- Paperless Digital Library

Sometimes we make an important document with some important information and keep it safe for further use. When time comes and you are looking for it, well, you end up making yourself believed that “I am sure I put it here”. Some important information or a list of some important thing been put in a binder is nowhere to be found. Sounds familiar?

To avoid this problem, we suggest you to go digital and use your SharePoint intranet to get organized. SharePoint, with its enterprise search capabilities, lets you find and even edit and share that document in seconds. It is able to save your valuable time in classifying, highlighting and searching your team documents. You can even make changes with the permission of your administration to make your input for the improvement quality of the work.

2-Simple And Easy Collaboration

Collaborating with colleagues on the same document can again require a lot of coordination and organization. And even in some cases, the documents need to be shared with partners or customers, which makes the task even more complex. But SharePoint comes to solve this complicated process. The SharePoint online deployment allows documents to be shared with internal and external users. If external recipients use SharePoint or have a Microsoft account, they can interact directly with your document, providing both content and feedback. Collaboration is faster, takes less effort, and dramatically reduces intermediate document copies in your inbox.

3- Sharing Tool

12 SharePoint Benefits that can Improve your Business

SharePoint is a great sharing tool. In fact, by sharing your company’s documents and information with the various stakeholders via SharePoint, you will save considerable time. Al Rafay Consulting provides you the best professional services to assist and guide you to save more time and use SharePoint more effectively to get most out of this wonderful online solution for organization of your information. Thanks to the use of the SharePoint solution, you will reduce sending and searching for email (in which it is easy to get lost) by 50%. It centralizes the communication and collaboration with all the team members working on the same project and even with other members of the same company who are working on different projects.

Thus, you will avoid unnecessary duplicates and speed up the processing of information. In addition, all access to these documents can be controlled by the owner of these documents. Understanding the SharePoint sharing tool is essential to perform efficient and secure work.

4- Take Your Sharepoint Information Everywhere

Your SharePoint intranet accompanies you everywhere! Based on a web-based system, your information is available on all devices, whether desktop computers, laptops or smart phones. As a collaboration platform, all the activities, information and documents of your intranet are available online, in a secure environment, allowing your employees working from home to easily access them!

To Summarize And Clnclude

SharePoint can significantly reduce the amount of paper in circulation, in addition to facilitating the organization, sharing and coordination of information within a business work process. If you have any further questions regarding the SharePoint solution, do not hesitate to contact one of our experts in the field.

Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) has one of the best teams that are highly trained and up to date with all the changes happening to Microsoft SharePoint real estate solutions and the tech field in general. The security and confidence of our clients is our main objective while giving you world-class services. So we suggest that after reading this, don’t wait to check what new changes are coming about in the features of Microsoft SharePoint and get hold of the opportunities already available out there. ARC will assure that you do not get left behind in the era of technology.