What Does Digital Transformation Mean?

Digital transformation is a growing approach for organizations looking to optimize into the future. Accelerated by the unprecedented events of the COVID 19 pandemic, businesses and organizations around the world have had to dramatically change the way that they do business in order to move forward. The companies that were prepared for the imminent technological changes were able to provide employees with a work-from-home solution, and communicate with customers digitally without many problems. The organizations that were not prepared to rely on technology, failed.

Digitizing a Business

To digitize something means to copy it from its physical state and save it to a digital one. For example, when you scan a physical paper document into a computer then save it as a digital file, such as a PDF file, you convert the paper document into a digital one. Another great example is using a digital platform such as Zoom to conduct business meetings as opposed to meeting in person. 

In order to digitize a business, there has to be a digital platform for the business to stand on. Some businesses change from in-store shops to online stores by creating a website and transforming their physical store to an online one with photos, data, prices, and a merchant account so that they can accept payment online. Other businesses create a remote, centralized, hub for their workers and clients to collaborate together from anywhere in the world. Another angle is where businesses that provide food and other goods create a suite of software apps and websites that aid in taking orders then initiating a delivery system where workers or contractors pick up then deliver the ordered goods to the customers.

Digital Transformation

The list could go on and on regarding instances of businesses and how they use software and technology to conduct everyday business transactions. The point at where businesses choose to initiate a transformation is another topic altogether. Many businesses that have refused to move forward with the aid of technology have faded away and are long gone. Although many people reject the idea of modern technology being useful to the human race, it is modern technology that has held the United States together through the pandemic.

A digital tansformation is a step forward into the technological world by integrating technology into all aspects of your business. Having the power to conduct business from anywhere on the planet, and give employees the opportunity to work remotely is a freedom that is unmatched by anything else.

The majority of the people in the world have smartphones. Most of the people that have smartphones, use them to do a plethora of daily tasks including shopping, ordering prescriptions, and ordering food. By using technology to tap into the power of the technological realm, you can have the whole world in your hand. Having a business platform that allows a business to connect with employees and customers in a way that centralizes the whole enterprise is what is becoming the new normal.

Digital Mail

Another form of digital transformation is the process of transforming physical mail into digital mail. Having a digital mailroom has saved many businesses both money and time. The way that it works is that a central mailing address receives and collects all of the physical mail for the business. Once the mail is received, it is opened, scanned, processed then sent to the parties that it is intended for through a quick, secure, digital suite. A centralized software platform is set up in order to allow users and admins to log in and work remotely. The end result of the digital mail solution is a secure, cost-effective mailroom without the need for employees to ever touch a piece of physical mail.


Digital transformation does not have to be difficult. It could be that the hardest part of making it happen is making the choice to do so. The way that the business world is progressively moving towards technology every day, it won’t be long until most of the businesses that are functioning are doing it with the help of technology.