Designs and Functions of Laptop

When buying laptops, the most important thing is whether they look good and meet all their needs. In the process of use, you can feel what are the most important functions of laptop computers. Can buy the Latest HONOR laptops meet these requirements? Let’s have a look!

People pursue simple and generous life. This time HONOR MagicBook Pro laptop is like this. The outer package is made of environmentally friendly materials. The outline of the laptop computer is outlined with a few simple strokes.

The accessories of laptop computers follow the minimalist design. It has standard warranty cards, paper documents of use guides, chargers and power cables.

From the outside to the inside, the high-quality aluminum alloy all-metal integrated body design and anodic oxidation process are adopted to make this laptop metallic and fashionable.

The full screen is light and thin. There are Glacier Silver and Starry Sky Grey, giving people a high-end texture.

The streamlined wedge-shaped fashion design makes the whole laptop strong in lines, sharp in edges and corners. It is fashionable and textured.

Thanks to the 4.9 mm micro-frame design on the three sides of the screen, the screen proportion of the laptop has reached 90%. The size of the whole laptop is not too large. It has smaller and thinner than some 15.6-inch laptops.

The sinking rotating shaft design is adopted. It supports the complete opening of about 150 degrees at most. For a laptop, this expansion angle is completely enough.Designs and Functions of LaptopIt has one-key fingerprint login startup, fingerprint identification and power key fusion design. pressing the power key with the index finger, laptop will start up. The identification is completed through fingerprint login system.

Two-sided stereo speakers. It can play movies and has stereo surround effect. The ultimate enjoyment of hearing is good.

The full-screen light and thin laptop adopts the keyboard layout of a standard 14-inch laptop. It has a three-level keyboard backlight. It types at night and has good practicability.

The large touchpad design, coupled with its anti-touch design, allows the laptop to be controlled on the large touchpad and can be clicked.

The keys of laptop keyboard are chocolate independent key caps. The key cap has a large area and can be pressed accurately with thick fingers. The key stroke of each key is moderate and the feedback is comfortable.

It has rich expansion interfaces, with a 3.5 mm stereo earphone jack, a full-function USB-C jack, three USB3.2 Gen 1 slots, an HDMI slot and a microphone hole. It can meet the needs of various scenes such as data transmission, projection, charging and the like in daily office and life.

Can a laptop with good appearance and full power win your attention?