COVID’19 brought all the attention to the internet and how that helped businesses, education, and numerous others jobs survive and take off. Though, education globally relied on the internet and jobs/businesses managed to work remotely as much as it was possible, but the need for high-speed internet is not reducing even after the pandemic.

So what are the factors that make an internet service irresistible, we are going to highlight a few core factors without overwhelming you. But let’s first have a look at the best high-speed internet you can have with estimated prices and internet speed:

Plan Best known for Download speed Type Price
Cox Internet Starter 25 getting started 25 Mbps Cable $29.99 a mo.*
Verizon Fios Prepaid budget plan 200 Mbps Fiber $39.99 a mo.
Google Fiber overall 1 Gbps(1,000 Mbps) Fiber $70.00 a mo.
CenturyLink Price For Life 100 Mbps DSL plan 100 Mbps DSL $49.00 a mo.
Mediacom Internet 1 GIG High-speed 1000 Mbps Cable $79.99 a mo.
Xfinity Prepaid Internet availability 20 Mbps Cable $45.00 a mo.

*prices and plans may vary based on your location.

You can further explore more ISPs and their packages on LocalCableDeals (website), this is a one-stop-shop for all the ISPs in the US. All you have to do is enter your zip code in the bar and it will fetch you all the serviceable ISPs near you. You can also bundle them up with digital phone and TV services.

Looking for a recommendation? Mediacom all the way! We love how responsive Mediacom customer support is – must give it a try if available.

What are the factors that one must keep in mind while exploring and comparing more than one ISP? What makes ISP worth investing in? Let’s find out!


When choosing an internet plan, we consider speed as one of the primary criteria while making our decision. The more the downloading and upload speed, the more it attracts our attention. A high-speed internet would make you enjoy streaming without any interruption and this is where data limits come in. If your internet has a low uploading speed, it won’t irritate you in the middle of watching your favorite show. However, you can’t use low-speed internet if you want to use it for video calling or conferencing.

These are the best internet services available in Karachi between PKR 2000 and 8000

If you want to enjoy the best internet experience, you have to prefer both uploading and downloading speed. Another thing to note is that you don’t have to go for the fastest internet plans. It is for the reason that you may not want to use the internet offering that much faster speed. For example, if you want to use the internet on 2-3 devices, an internet with some gigabits per second speed would be more than enough to meet your needs.


A fast internet connection with low reliability is not worth using. If your internet connection is not reliable, you will likely face slow connectivity issues even with a fast internet plan. You might be thinking that what are the circumstances that make the internet slow?

If your cable internet wire has traffic, you are more likely to get a slow internet speed. When it comes to DSL service providers, you face slow internet issues as your distance increases from the source office. Other reasons include maintenance and fixing of bugs but that’s occasional or once in a while.

We recommend using fiber internet if you are looking for a reliable option. Unlike other internet service providers, fiber internet will never slow down if the number of users increases. Similarly, you will never face a slow internet connection even if you are living miles away from the source office. Additionally, fiber cables are the latest medium of transferring data. It ensures that it faces the least need for maintenance or repairing.


Go for an internet connection that does not make you sign long-term contracts. This will imply that you have to pay a hefty amount of termination charges in case you relocate or change your mind. However, you might get a fast internet connection at low prices if you sign long-term contracts with them. In this case, you get everything except for flexibility. You should check ISPs like Spectrum and Xfinity that have no-contract services as well.