Shift changeover refers to the transmission of occupational obligation and liability for the guidance and maintenance of an individual or group of individuals from outgoing to incoming support workers as a shift changes. People haven’t been looking for evidence of shift changeover failures while investigating events and accidents because there hasn’t been much attention devoted to the problem and relatively little information released on the subject.

Three things make up an effective handover:

  • Outgoing personnel must prepare for a period of time.
  • Outgoing and incoming personnel are handed over. Communicate to share knowledge that is relevant to the activity at hand
  • Incoming personnel double-checking information as they take over responsibility for the assignment.

The goal of the shift changeover observation was to see if there were any safe behaviors that could indicate successful communication, based on past research.

  • To prepare for the handover, time was set aside.
  • The exchange took place face to face.
  • There were no interruptions during the handover.
  • The person who is in charge of handing out the keys
  • Offered an outline of the topic of the handover
  • Made a constructive statement on the subject of safety
  • We went over the log items
  • At the end, summarized the handover
  • There wasn’t any feedback.
  • The recipient of the handover took notes.
  • When it comes to handovers after a ten-day break,
  • If there was any evidence of extra preparation
  • whether a chronological outline of events was provided.

Shift management software

Shift Management is a module within the establishment module that manages various sorts of shifts and assists the business in efficiently planning and scheduling employee shifts. According to the applied shifts, we can calculate total absent & payable days on a monthly basis, which will be used during salary calculation. Shift management software is beneficial for organizations that use several shifts, particularly night shifts and double duty shifts that last into the next day.

In a company, the admin can construct a group of personnel under the direction of an In charge, who will be in charge of allotting shifts to employees on a weekly or monthly basis. Employees can request compensatory time off in exchange for working on holidays and double duty, as long as the company’s requirements are followed.

Shift tracker

The ideal approach for shift employees to keep track of their hours worked and money earned is to use a shift tracker. Shift tracker app is the greatest program for planning your next shifts. Past shifts and up to a year in advance can also be viewed.

This software is simple to use and has a straightforward layout that makes keeping track of your shifts a breeze. It helps you save time by automatically calculating the number of hours you worked over a given period of time.

Employee shift scheduling software

Employee scheduling software makes it easy to generate employee schedules, track employee hours, handle shift swaps, regulate labor expenditures, reconcile timesheets, and improve team communication and collaboration. Let’s take a look at some advantages of using free staff scheduling software. Here’s a rundown of what employee scheduling software can do:

Operations Logbook & Shift Handover Software - Sphera

  • Every time you make a new schedule, it is automatically saved. So you may start with a prior week’s calendar and make any necessary changes, such as time-off requests, before sending out the new schedule.
  • When you send the schedule out electronically, it is instantly distributed. It’s not necessary to follow down employees to ensure that they’ve seen the revised timetable. The schedule is received by software the minute it is sent. 
  • Allows you to quickly and simply make necessary modifications. After the adjustments have been made, the revised schedule can be sent out immediately again.

Communication on the go

Achieving a Successful Shift Handover Requires the Use of Mobile Communication Platforms. This approach of shift changeover is effective. Saves time, reduces misunderstandings, and makes collaboration easier. 

  • Once you’ve created a shift handover format that suits your needs, make sure you include the following information:
  • Documentation is done securely.
  • Is visible and reachable to everyone who is affected
  • It is simple to share

It will not be difficult to conduct shift handover if you follow the best practices listed below:

  • Each handover’s formal written communication should be documented in a simple, secure, structured logbook, preferably electronic.
  • Not simply the “what,” but also the “why” should be communicated between shifts.
  • Between shifts, information should be transmitted between experienced, competent personnel who are familiar with the process and the task being done.
  • All concerned parties should have easy access to relevant information, such as displays around the plant, mobile devices, and so on.
  • It should be simple to provide relevant, focused shift and safety information.
  • The handover process should always be connected with the production goals and targets for the short and medium term, and they should be evident.
  • All other important processes — such as any open permits, isolation, and so on – are coordinated and linked. The data should ideally be stored in a single system or database.
  • Communication between role-players on a one-on-one basis.

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