Chicken salad is an extraordinary fast light recipe to make for the mid year. I love sub sandwiches and there is a cheap food sub place I continuous a great deal yet I won’t specify them here. You’ll need to think about what their lagnetscom identity is. Here is a clue, some man named Jared lost a great deal of weight eating them. At any rate they have added one of my most loved sandwiches back to their menu for the late spring.

Despite the fact that they are generally a modest spot to eat, I actually like attempting to compromise on spending as minimal expenditure as could be expected. I like thinking of my form of how I make something you purchase at a drive-through eatery. It’s better, less expensive and likely taste better compared to the first. Here, I will share my Fruity Chicken Salad sub. Here you can place your own imagination into what fixings you like in your sub sandwich.


12-16 oz can chicken

1/2 cup grapes (red, green or both)

1 celery stem

half onion

1/2 cup mayo

1 peach yogurt cup

1 tsp rosemary

2 tbsp dill

1/4 cup green peppers

1/2 cup of raisins, cranberries and almonds


dark olives

hot pepperjack cheddar


In a huge blending bowl add the can chicken depleted. Cleave your onions, celery and green pepper little and add to chicken. Add the organic product blend in with almonds in alongside the grapes. Add the mayo and peach yogurt and blend well in with the fixings. Add the dill and salt and pepper to prepare. Try not to hold back on the dill, it gives the salad a decent flavor after it’s been in the fridge. The more drawn out in the ice chest the better tasting. Pick your #1 bread. I utilize any sort of bread however on the off chance that I’m making subs, I will utilize an Italian portion or french bread. I cut the portion down the middle then cut the half isolating the top and base. I utilize two cuts of pepperjack cheddar to fix the base bread then top with my cool chicken salad. You are prepared to dress you sandwich. I like bunches of dark olives, spinach and cucumbers lined flawlessly across the sandwich. You can pick anything fixings for your sandwich as indicated by your taste. I utilize no other dressing on mine on the grounds that the mayo and peach yogurt is sufficient yet you can. Overlap the sandwich together and you have fruity chicken subs.