Today is indeed a generation of modern and spectacular technology. You can almost find everything over the internet, and many tasks that need manual work can now be done by different, gadgets, devices and even applications like a mortgage loan calculator.

mortgage loan

Take for example when you want to know how much you can get approved for a mortgage loan. Several decades ago, you needed to find a lender first, or you need to go to the bank to request for a calculation or an estimate of how much you can borrow. However, today, you can download an application to do so. It does not only saves you time, but it also saves money.

However, for the final amount, you will need to let the best mortgage lenders in Houston do that for you. What you need to do first is choose the right loan for you so you won’t have a difficult time with your repayment. And once you have taken it out, here are some of the best applications you can use to track or monitor your mortgage loan.

Mortgages Pro

One of the most popular applications among Apple devices is Mortgages Pro. It is an app that tracks your mortgage loan. It shows the borrower a clear image on the status of the loan. It means, the app is personalized so you can put all the details of your mortgage there and monitor it. Don’t worry; it is a safe and secure application, so you don’t have to worry about your information leaking over the internet. The app significantly helps in better management of your current status. This way, you can always check on your mortgage loan wherever you may be. One thing is lacking from this app though; you cannot make a payment.

Mortgage Payoff Track

One of the best ways to clearly show the status of your loan is through graphs and charts. It is precisely what this graph gives you. Here, you can monitor your payments as well as your balance. Through this, you can see the amount paid and how it is decreasing your principal and interest.

Mortgage Mentor

Mortgage mentor is another online application that can be used as a real-time tracking device for your current loan. You may also use it as a planning device since it has many useful user interfaces. It is the best tool you can use when there are variable changes in your investment. It is one of the popular tools for variable-rate mortgages.

Loan Calculator Pro

The Loan Calculator Pro is a close cousin of Mortgage Mentor and Mortgage Payoff Track. One of its advantages over the other two though is its time feature. The feature allows the user to set up monthly payment reminders. There is also an option where you as the borrower can set a time as to when you would like the loan paid off. Through this, the app will re-calculate your dues, and you will see how much you should pay to pay it off on the date you specified. One downside for this app though is its availability. It is only possible through Apple devices.