Prostate cancer is a major worry for men over the age of 40. On the hand, some men are more prone to the risk of developing prostate cancer based on race and genealogy. However, it is possible to reduce your chances of having any complications and keep a healthy gland. Here are 10 tips that reduce your chances of developing prostate cancer.


A diet, high in fat produces less antioxidants which is crucial for keeping prostate problems at bay. Ensure that your diet comprises of healthy protein sources like fish and chicken. Avoid fried foods and indulge in fruits and vegetables. Lycopene is found in tomatoes and specifically increases antioxidant production in the prostate gland.


Exercise regularly at least 30 minutes every day. Studies show that it reduces the risk of prostate related diseases by 10-30%. Physical activity evens out hormonal levels. If they are uncontrolled, it could lead to disastrous consequences. Obesity will always attract certain diseases. Keep fit and keep the risks minimal.


If you are above the age of 40, you should be seeing your doctor for regular check-ups. You need frequent screenings in order to look for warning signs and take the appropriate steps. A screening test checks out habits, lifestyle and genetic tendencies for prostate gland diseases. It also tests for irregular tissue production. Screenings should be done annually or as recommended by your doctor.

Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Excess weight and high cholesterol cause drastic hormonal changes in men. This can cause serious body imbalances in testosterone levels. One of the resultant problems is cancer of the prostate. Ensure that you always keep your body weight in check and have a permanent weight loss management plan.

Backtrack Body Damages

A stressful lifestyle can take its toll on your body after many years. You can help reverse this trend by using Ayurstate. Ayurstate contains over 200 that help heal damaged body tissues as well as rejuvenate the prostate gland and protect it from inflammation.